Meet the Team

We are a creative collective, dreamt up by four dope chicks, seeking to create an escape from the traditional ideas of what it means to be a creative agency.

CreatEscape. A concept


I go by as many names as I wear hats  — I’m Sam, the Creative Director of this extraordinary group of women.

I’ve always been in touch with my inner creative, but I never explored or even considered creativity as a career option early on. My resume is an eclectic collection of 13+ years of work experience that has helped me along my journey, but none of these positions ever felt like home.  Moving from industry to industry had definitely diversified my skillset but left me feeling unsatisfied.

Fast forward to 2015, and I’m sitting in my shoebox –sized office thinking to myself, there’s gotta be more to life. Life is what you make it, and I decided that day to start plotting my escape from the monotony of corporate living.  I saw myself flourishing in a place where creativity is encouraged, challenged, and pushed to greater limits. A place to get away from the mundane and let my imagination run wild from time to time. A place to use my gifts to help spark the creativity trapped in others and space for their flames to dance.


Hi, my name is Hilda Adeniji. In short, I am a creative and passionate marketer focused on exploring the intersectionality of social experiences both on and offline.

Nevertheless, I find the question “What do you do?” to be a little irritating and superficial. So let’s take it a step further: “Why do you do what you do?” Simple answer: It’s my passion!

As every “true New Yorker” should, I am constantly perfecting the craft of the side-hustle. I am a very active freelancer navigating with support of strong network of talented individuals. 

I was lucky enough to discover my passion in marketing and events pretty early on. I guess being a person who dislikes monotony, experiential marketing provides so many opportunities for something new with each project while many times working with a familiar team. New people, new locations, new ideas, new perspectives, new goals, new challenges, I could probably go on for too long.


Fashion is everywhere and everyone loves it.

From the crown of your head, to the sole of your feet, I am here to give you life. As a creative, fashion is my second language. I love simple styles to anything out of the ordinary. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be fashionable. As long as the style flows, who really cares? We make clothes look good, never the other way around.

Let me know your flavor, and I’ll be sure not to disappoint.

Just remember, you are your own label!

Stay Fabulous.



My name is Gabby, I’m a jack of all trades trying to master them all. At this chapter of my life, I am focused on photography, and public relations.

I’ve been taking pictures my entire life, I just never thought it could be a career, for the basic foolish reasons we’ve all heard before. But hey, you can’t help but work hard for what you love.

I found out I’m 94% legally colorblind. I see red when I should see green and purple when I should see blue. This always hindered me from being fully creative because I felt handicapped. I felt as though, since I never saw things like everyone else, no one would understand my creativity. Come to find out, that’s the key to being unique. If everyone did the same things, we would learn nothing new.

The photographs you see are my way of being unapologetic. The ideas I conspire, are my way of being unapologetic. Let me help you, be unapologetic.